VOIP Solutions

Conventional CCTV systems are now a thing of the past. The new generation of video and audio surveillance is here, and we have various solutions for it ranging from home, small business to large enterprise.
Our range of cameras include box, cube, bullet, PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom), dome, outdoor and wide view. The camera technology we are distributing is not only top of the range but also cost effective. We use IP or wireless IP technology which can be powered via Ethernet cable only (POE) or only a power cable for wireless connections.

For home and small office, we have IP cameras that are DIY and can be installed securely with ease with a click of a button. You can add a network video recorder just as easily or view footage via a web browser or a phone app. Our cameras have smart sensors which means that you can program your camera to give you alerts with sensor detections; the features are endless.
Our enterprise IP solutions use premium networking devices that synchronize together to give you flawless surveillance in HD whether you are indoor or outdoor. Our POE cameras make cabling much neater and cost effective. Cameras can even be added wirelessly to extend your solutions range. Contact us to find out about different solutions and products.