News & Events: Efficient, reliable precision cooling for your data center. The Liebert CRV.

Vertiv CRV

10 SEP 2018

Efficient, reliable precision cooling for your data center.

The Liebert CRV.

Just like our power back up solutions, Vanguard Powersol wanted to start providing reliable precision cooling solutions. And who better to guide us through the best cooling solutions than the market leaders them selves? We have partner with Vertiv to bring you a range of precision cooling solutions. Our pick for the day; the Liebert CRV: fast deployment and effective cooling.

The Liebert CRV, row-based cooling unit is optimized to ensure maximum cooling capacity in a minimal footprint. Targeted for small and medium data centers, the unit provides cooling at the server rack level.

The Liebert CRV has been designed to deliver the highest efficiency and availability, by removing heated air from the data center hot aisles, using it to return cooled air to the servers (cold aisle). The Liebert CRV is available in Direct Expansion, as well as Chilled Water versions and in two frame widths - 600 mm and a compact 300 mm. Providing full capacity and airflow modulation to match the servers' load, the unit is able to deliver energy savings via Scroll Compressor with capacity modulation, Electronic Expansion Valve and variable speed EC Fans. The Liebert CRV is a comprehensive row-based solution that includes all of the main functions fundamental to cooling units, such as cooling, humidification, dehumidification, re-heating, air filtration, condensation management, temperature and humidity control, alarm functions and data communications.

Furthermore, the unit enhances its performances and energy efficiency through the Liebert ICOM™ Control, capable of optimizing unit operations by leveraging on its intelligent management of system components. All components are easily accessible from the front and the rear of the unit, granting simplified service intervention.

The unit also allows ease of installation, through simplified cable and pipes routing from top and bottom of the unit.


Features and performance:

  • Units ranging from 10 to 60 kW with chilled water and direct expansion versions
  • Industry's highest energy saving levels achieved - increase of up to 50% when the Liebert CRV is combined with Vertiv™ SmartAisle™ cold aisle containment
  • Best-in-class Thermal Management unit for row-based applications
  • On-site adjustment capability of air diffuser distribution direction maximizes cooling results
  • Integrated ICOM™ Control for management of capacity and airflow through EC Fans and variable capacity Scroll Compressor
  • Ideal for scalable IT infrastructure - increased cooling capacity, reduced noise levels and enhanced efficiency when compared with similar chilled water and direct expansion configurations.

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