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21 May2019

You may have come across special UPS inquiries that require unusually long back up times. While this may sound like a simple procedure, it is important to understand the charging requirement of such systems. Usually the first thing that comes into mind is to add an external battery bank with larger capacity batteries.

Even though this may be theoretically correct, it is practically wrong. We must keep in mind that UPSs are designed for supplying AC power for a limited period of time, generally about 8 minutes on full load. UPS batteries and chargers are designed for this specification. Usually increasing the battery capacity to about 3-4 times the original/default battery bank should be fine, generally up to about half an hour on full load.

Anything beyond this could mean that your external battery bank/s do not get charged at the recommended charging current, this will shorten your battery life drastically which will lead to more frequent battery replacement and a high OPEX. Additionally, it could damage the charger of the UPS and hence the entire UPS itself. With such a large battery bank, the UPS charger would have to keep on supplying the maximum charging current without any rest. This could result to wear and tear of internal components much faster hence requiring frequent service.

Is there a solution to this Problem?

Yes there is. Vanguard Powersol have UPSs specially designed to give you larger run times with the help of optional super charger modules. Our range of M10U UPSs (10-60KVA) and T3 30PM UPSs (30, 60, 90KVA) have an option of adding multiple 15A and 50A super charger modules respectively. This will ensure that your extended battery bank gets the recommended charging current to keep your batteries healthy for long. Another great feature about these UPS modules is that they are hot-swappable and do not require a special module compartment, they fit right into the power module slots in a matter of seconds.

Easy as pie.

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 - Vanguard Powersol Tech Team
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