News & Events: 200KVA of unity power factor in a small footrpint

Shield Modular UPS

27 AUG 2018

200KVA of Unity power factor in a very small footprint

In UPS requirements where you need a high efficiency UPS with a very small footprint, the Shield M25U is the perfect solution. This premium, true hotswap, modular UPS packs 25KVA/KW in just 2U per module and is built to last.

The M25U comes in 150 and 200KVA/KW chassis. The 150KVA chassis can also be rack mounted for space saving. The solution is also ideal for requirements of an expandable solution. The UPSs can be used as 25KVA/KW and can be expanded in multiples of 25KVA/KW up to 150 or 200KVA.

The UPSs have an excellent 10" full color, touch screen LCD for local UPS management. The interface gives you indeptch analysis of the power quality and health of you UPS and batteries. It also shows you faults and health of the power modules which makes preventative maintenance a breeze.

The UPS comes with great serviceability. The minimum time to repair on these UPSs is less than a minute. Even though the UPS is built for durability, if there is any problems on a modular level, the VPL service team will come in with a spare and replace it in less than a minute. Your faulty module will than we taken to our service center where we will get your module running again.

It all seems a little technically complicated, but not to worry, our UPSs come with free installation and startup*, free one year AMC and excellent extended warranties. We are confident of our products and service. Our technicians also take time to train the clients and end users after installation so that you are aware of the system and its capabilities.

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